Lack of knowledge of our black-history causes us and our children to copy and follow other people’s culture and lifestyles. What we forget is; those we copy and follow blindly, are who they are, because of knowing or being aware of their history and culture. Not knowing our own history means we unwittingly adopt these other cultures. This creates the ugly duckling situation, whereby as black people, we don't fit anywhere in life. We are always wanting others to accept us. The ugly duckling story aptly describes a person who does not know his history and thus, even though he thinks he does, truly doesn't know himself.


Just in case you do not know what I mean by the ugly duckling, let me explain by telling you his story:


The Ugly Duckling is a story of a duck that throughout its life did not fit among other ducks. Han Christian Andersen wrote the story.


The tale begins when a mother duck's eggs hatch. But the largest egg takes longer than all the others to hatch. Neighbor's think that the egg may be a turkey's egg. When the egg eventually hatches, the duckling is ugly, large and just plain different. Mother Duck is however, relieved to see that her latest son can swim - he cannot be a turkey but as ducklings go, he is not quite very good looking. Therefore, he becomes the UGLY DUCKLING.


The ugly duckling lives an unpleasant existence in the "duckyard" of the farm with his family members. With the notable exception of his mother, he is not only disparaged for his appearance, he is frequently teased and bullied. Consequently, his self-image nosedives and his self-esteem suffers terribly.


Unwanted and unloved, he fled away from the farm into the wild. At some point he seeks refuge in an old woman's hut, but the woman's pets - a cat and a chicken, also made daily life unpleasant for him. So he heads back again into the wide, wild world and finds himself alone on the brink of the winter season. The chilly temperatures almost kills him, but as spring arrives, he finds himself feeling much better and flies to a lovely location with a collection of regal swans.


The ugly duckling has by now given up on life and contemplates suicide. He intends to enter amongst the swans and expects them to basically kill him. Instead of turning on him as he expected, rather, the swans recognized him as one of their own. Looking at his own reflection in the water, he sees that indeed he was! The young children who visit the park see him as the most beautiful swan of all.


The moral of the story is; you can suffer a great deal in life if you don't really know your true identity and where to fit in. For a time the ugly duckling thought he was a duck. Likewise many black people who don't know their history assume they are the same as those they mix with. They complain about racism and what not when those they mix with discriminate against them. Thus, just as the ugly ducking, lack of our history is making us suffer needlessly.


On this site, you will find the black-history books that will teach you more about your black identity than any black history book you will ever read.  Get your copy. Take some time and read them to discover some astonishing truths about yourself as a black person. You'd find just as the ugly duckling discovered in the end, we have a lot to be proud of as black people.

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Have you ever wondered why black people wherever you find them on the planet are suffering? Incredible as it may sound, there is a solution to black people's problems. Wherever they are all over the world, the solution is the same. What is even more astonishing is the answer to the riddle, is in our past, our history.


However, information about Black people’s ancient history is not that easy to find. So, for decades, black people desiring to know their roots were frustrated due to the scant details about their origins. In the Americas, all the black history books were mainly about slavery. Hardly any black History books went further than the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Therefore, what happened before slavery remained a mystery to them. No information was available to tell our people in the Americas about their ancestor's origins. Sadly, this void in their lives denied them of their true identity.


Ten years ago someone stepped forward with the missing ancestral information. A senior Prince from the areas in West Africa, where many of the slaves came from, wrote a series of books to fill the gap. Our people in the Americans wanted information about their identity. These are the black history books featured on this site and these books have the answers. So if your quest is to know your ancestry and true identity, you have come to the right place. Your journey ends here because We have the answers to your search.


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